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FUTCOIN's payment policy allows users to return funds after the actual payment in some cases.

The reasons for which it is possible to apply for a refund:

1. The paid order has not been received.
The paid order was not delivered on time, which is described in the terms of use of the service.
We remind you that this period is 72 hours after the actual payment of the order.

2. Multiple payment for the same order.
Due to the technical features of some payment systems, sometimes the user randomly pays for the goods more than once.
In this case, at the request of the user, the funds are returned in full, minus the initial paid cost of the goods.

3. Random verification of some payments in order to ensure the security of payment data.
In exceptional cases, in order to verify you as the owner of the payment instrument, the system may ask you to provide some additional information.

If you do not want or cannot provide it, you have the right to request a refund.

Cases in which a refund is not possible:

1. Successfully completed order.
The order was fully executed (the goods were delivered in full).

2. Unpaid order.
Refund of an unpaid order is not possible.

3. Any reason that is not described in the section "Reasons for which it is possible to apply for a refund".

To make a refund, the user needs to contact our technical support by writing to the live chat or by contacting the contact details on the "Contacts" page.

In the request for a refund, you must specify the order number for which a refund is required and the reason why it is necessary.

We do not charge customers an additional commission when returning funds.

The terms of the refund are from 1 to 14 working days, and depend on the payment system in which the payment is made.

The refund is made to the bank card or any other payment method from which the payment was made.

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